V V Primers give the walls an even and smooth silk like finish by making the surface better for the application of paints.

Water Based Cement Primers (Interior & Exterior)

V V Paiint Cement Primer is a water based primer suitable for masonry wall work, POP surfaces. V V Paiint Water Based cement primer formulation gives a better adhesion, smooth finish and durability for the top coat.

Wood Primer

V V Paiint Wood primer is an under coat that can be used over masonry, wood work to protect it from termites, to give excellent coverage and to provide uniform surface for subsequent coating. Works best with V V Paiint IBIS High Glossy Super Shine Synthetic Enamel. V V Paiint Red Oxide Metal Primer, Zinc Chromate yellow, Red Oxide Zinc Chromate, SKPS Grey are under coats that can be applied over metal surfaces to protect it from corrosion and provide perfect adhesion to the subsequent topcoat.

Red Oxide Primer

Red oxide is a special formulation to keep ferrous metal structures neat and rust free. As an anti-corrosion coat, it is designed to prevent rust formation that eats away the metal. Red oxide primer is similar to interior wall primers, in the sense that it prepares the metal for the top coat.