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Magic of Colours

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About Us

V V Paiint is a part of V V Minerals group, one of the world's largest mining companies. Our quality has won us the reputation of exporting our products to over 40 countries. Known to deliver quality products at a quality price, we are rapidly increasing the radius of our operations. With our manufacturing base in Tuticorin and headquarters in Tirunelveli, we have set out to make the world a more colourful place to admire.

Magic Of Colours


Paint Process

Would you like to travel on this colourful journey with us? Come on! Lets get started!

Step I: Preparing Mill Base

Pigment and Resin are put together and blended well to uniformly disperse the pigment throughout the resin base. This mixture is called 'Mill-Base'

Step II: Preparing Let-Down

In a Separate process, resin, solvent and additives are blended together to form another mixture called 'Let-Down'

Step III: Colourant

The Mill-base and let-down shall be blended to form the colourant

Step IV: Transport

Colourants transported from the factory to the paint shop

Step V: Picking Colour

Hundreds of options to choose from. You get what you see on the fandesk. A fandesk with a lot of colour options is seen at the paint shop.

Step VI: Tinting

The process that gets you the colour you desire.
Tinting is the mixing of colours to a base to get the colour you desire. This is done by a machine to ensure uniformity of colours.

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Why Choose Us

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You can't refuse quality!